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Braggadap Films: Eeazy Season 3 Cast Members. Filming has begun May 26, 2013.

This new season is poised to be bigger than ever before, loaded with new cast members and many surprises. Certain to be selected for Film Festivals again.

Stay tune for Behind-The-Scenes Photos, Interviews & Video Clips from Benny-Demus, and the Highly Anticipated Premiere of Season 3.Eeazy Season 3

Benny-Demus: Executive Producer, Star, Director, Producer, Co-Writer | Co-Executive Producer: Akon
Director Of Photography: John P. Wheatley | Editor: Augustin Langlais | Co-Writer: Frank C. Matthews

Eeazy Season 3 Cast Members listed below, in alphabetical order:

Akon as "Tariq"
Akon as “Tariq”
Benny-Demus as Eeazy
Benny-Demus as “Eeazy”
Brandi Cohen as "Det. Rachel Melnick"
Brandi Cohen as “Det. Rachel Melnick”
Cory Chapman as "Detective Little"
Cory Chapman as “Detective Little”
Daniel Pruitt as "Chadwick Stevens"
Daniel Pruitt as “Chadwick Stevens”
Darnell L. James as "Proof"
Darnell L. James as “Proof”
Eboni Johnson as "Allison"
Eboni Johnson as “Allison”
Chantelle 'Egypt' Swift as "Toya"
Chantelle ‘Egypt’ Swift as “Toya”
Elijah Vegas as "Treats"
Elijah Vegas as “Treats”
Emmanuel Dukes as "Police Enforcer 1"
Emmanuel Dukes as “Police Enforcer 1”
Eric Esquer as "Dexter Cole"
Eric Esquer as “Dexter Cole”
Haziq Ali as "Slim"
Haziq Ali as “Slim”
Jabari Marshall as "Carlos"
Jabari Marshall as “Carlos”
James Edwards as "Esq. Rosenberg"
James Edwards as “Esq. Rosenberg”
Jeff Sprauve as "Doorman Henchman"
Jeff Sprauve as “Doorman Henchman”
John Payton as "Diesel"
John Payton as “Diesel”
Kissinger Mercer as "Cheese"
Kissinger Mercer as “Cheese”
Lareina Smallwood as "Sasha"
Lareina Smallwood as “Sasha”
Maranda Chelsea as "Forensic Detective"
Maranda Chelsea as “Forensic Detective”
Michael Larty as "Lizard"
Michael Larty as “Lizard”
Michael Senior as "Biggs"
Michael Senior as “Biggs”
Morgan Alexander as "News Reporter"
Morgan Alexander as “News Reporter”
Moses Jones as "Michael Manley"
Moses Jones as “Michael Manley”
Phillip Hudson as "Detective" | Emmanuel Hudson as "G"
Phillip Hudson as “Detective” – @Phill_nMyself
Emmanuel Hudson as “G” – @Emmanuel_Hudson
Raj Kala as "Detective Burns"
Raj Kala as “Detective Burns”
Stephanie George as "Yuki"
Stephanie George as “Yuki”
Theron Thomas as "Rick"
Theron Thomas as “Rick”
Timothy Thomas as "Vic"
Timothy Thomas as “Vic”
Todd Anthony as "Daryl Crendal"
Todd Anthony as “Daryl Crendal”

While you await the Premiere of Season 3, Get caught up on Eeazy by watching Scenes from Season 2 below:

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  • June 2, 2013 11:30 pmPosted 3 years ago
    Cheavor (Author)

    Stay tune for Behind-The-Scenes Photos & Clips from the New Episodes.


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