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Akon & Benny-Demus Concert at Forum de Beyrouth in Beirut, Lebanon

Akon & Benny-Demus Concert at Forum de Beyrouth in Beirut, Lebanon

POLIAKOV Vodka & Radio One Proudly Presents: Akon & Benny-Demus Live Concert at “Forum de Beyrouth” in Beirut, Lebanon Saturday June 22, 2013. Lebanon Flag

Forum de beirut is a permanent mulitpurpose center for various types of events, hosting fairs, events, concerts, gatherings and exhibitions throughout the year it is a large exhibition hall in Beirut where big events (such as musical concerts, theatrical events, school exhibitions and many more) are ordinarily held.

Akon & Benny-Demus has graced the Stages of Every Continent & Country in the World. The Love they receive in Lebanon is like no other. The people are Super Pumped about their arrival on Thursday and their Turnt-Up Concert on Saturday.

Akon (@Akon)

Benny-Demus (@BennyDemus)

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Beirut, Lebanon Wikipedia:

Beirut (Arabic: بيروت‎ Bayrūt, Armenian: Պէյրութ / Բեյրութ, Greek: Βηρυττός, Latin: Berytus, Aramaic: Birot בירות, French: Beyrouth, Turkish: Beyrut) is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. As there has been no recent population census, the exact population is unknown; estimates in 2007 ranged from slightly more than 1 million to slightly less than 2 million. Located on a peninsula at the midpoint of Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast, it serves as the country’s largest and main seaport. The Beirut metropolitan area consists of the city and its suburbs. The first mention of this metropolis is found in the ancient Egyptian Tell el Amarna letters, dating from the 15th century BC. The city has been inhabited continuously since then.

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