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2015 EditionNEWS FLASH: NKOTB Main Event Tour


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June 21, 20151 month ago

Benny-Demus perform w/ TLC - Madison Square Garden - The Main Event Tour NKOTB

Intl Superstar Benny-Demus perform Sunday June 21, 2015 w/ TLC at Madison Square Garden on NKOTB The Main Event Tour. This will be a Concert 10s of 1000s of Fans at Madison Sqaure Garden will remember all year! Benny-D. is geared up and pumped to deliver nothing less than a SuperStar Performance, Be There! Read more
June 28, 20132 years ago

Benny-Demus Concert in Dakar, Senegal

Kiss Entertainment Presents: Intl SuperStar Benny-Demus Concert in Dakar, Senegal, Friday June 28th, 2013. Home of the Dark Prince Akon, Mega Intl SuperStar. Senegal Flag Read more
June 20, 20132 years ago

Akon & Benny-Demus Concert at Forum de Beyrouth in Beirut, Lebanon

Akon & Benny-Demus will be performing a Concert at “Forum de Beyrouth” in Beirut, Lebanon Saturday June 22, 2013. Read more
June 14, 20132 years ago

Benny-Demus "Path To An Ambassador" Typography Video

Intl SuperStar Benny-Demus “Path To An Ambassador” Typography Video. This track is off the “Ben In Black” mixtape. Video was shot by Benny-Demus. Edited by Prowlaman Read more
June 4, 20132 years ago

India.Arie Music Video "Cocoa Butter" Starring Benny-Demus (Lead Actor)

Multi Grammy Winner / Iconic Singer-Songwriter India.Arie New Music Video “Cocoa Butter” Starring Benny-Demus as the Lead Actor. Read more
June 2, 20132 years ago

Eeazy Season 3 Cast Members

Braggadap Films: Eeazy Season 3 Cast Members. Filming has begun May 26, 2013. This new season is poised to be bigger than ever before, loaded with many surprises. Stay tune for Behind-The-Scenes Photos & Clips from Benny-Demus, and the Premiere of Season 3. Read more
April 3, 20132 years ago

No.1 Events Dubai Presents Benny-Demus @ White X Beach "RIXOS - The Palm Dubai"

No.1 Events Dubai Presents: Benny-Demus @ White X Beach “RIXOS – The Palm Dubai”. Filmed and Edited by Rene Auguste. Dubai Flag Read more
March 20, 20132 years ago

Benny-Demus Actor Demo Reel 2013

Benny-Demus Actor Demo Reel 2013. Directed by John P. Wheatley. Read more
March 11, 20132 years ago

NAVIO - KATA Remix ft Big Bad Benny-Demus

New KATA Remix by Uganda, East Africa Rapper Navio featuring Benny-Demus. Uganda Flag Read more
January 20, 20132 years ago

Studio Life: Benny-D., Kardinal Offishall, Planet VI, Verse Simmonds and more introduce IBC, "Island Boy Cartel"

Studio Life: Benny-D., Kardinal Offishall, Planet VI, Verse Simmonds and more introduce IBC, “Island Boy Cartel”. Watch as IBC invades “3 Little Digs” Headquarters to introduce and expound on their new collective “Island Boy Cartel”. Read more
January 11, 20132 years ago

Benny-Demus "International Badman" Music Video (Red Sands)

Intl SuperStar Benny-Demus New “International Badman” Music Video. Read more
January 9, 20132 years ago

Benny-Demus Movie "Island Song" Selected for 2013 Pan African Film Festival (PAFF)

Benny-Demus Movie “Island Song” Selected for Screening at The 21st Annual – The Pan African Film & Arts Festival 2013 (PAFF), in LA from Feb 7th-18th. Benny-Demus would like to thank Dwayne Boyd for all he has taught him in the over 5yrs he’s studied at his Actor’s Class (Premiere Actors Network). Read more
January 5, 20132 years ago

Bamboo's Mixtape Fridays Vol 3 - Get My Doe Ft Benny-D. - Exclusive Music Video

Bamboo’s Mixtape Fridays Vol 3 – Get My Doe Ft Benny-D. – Exclusive Music Video. Read more
January 4, 20132 years ago

Big Bad Benny-Demus - "No Disrespect" Ft. Kissinger and Shotta (Music Video) - Red Sands Album

Big Bad Benny-Demus New Music Video “No Disrespect” Feat. Kissinger and Shotta. From the Red Sands Album. Read more
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