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Planet VI

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Benny-Demus / Benny-D. is the Official DJ for Grammy Winning Songwriters & Artists “Planet VI” (formerly Rock City).

Planet VI & Benny-Demus are child-hood friends that rose to Superstar-dome together.

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Hailing from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Planet VI (comprised of brothers Theron a.k.a Da Spokesman and Timothy a.k.a Don’t Talk Much) have created a sound that blends Caribbean twangs of consciousness, street struggles and island life coupled with hip-hop/pop appeal. Born to perform, the duo started honing their craft at an early age and were winning local talent shows by the age of 10, using their prize money to pay the family’s household bills. “We definitely are first and foremost artists more than anything else,” states Timothy. “We were getting a lot of love from the people in the streets from us performing.”

After achieving incredible local success in the Virgin Islands, R. City landed in Atlanta where they began writing songs for other artists. “We’ve always been writers for ourselves. Then me and my brother were like, let’s try to write for other people,” states Timothy. They quickly placed their first song “The Rain” for Akon via his DJ, Benny D and in a short time, they’ve amassed a staggering number of tunes for renowned artists. “We built a lot of relationships, got cool with a lot of people, networked and found ourselves in a lot of doors we never thought we were going to enter. When we started doing the writing thing, everybody started messing with us,” says Timothy.

The brothers bring together two completely different types of energy that blend to create a unique genre bending musical experience. “We’re night and day but we mesh perfectly together,” says Theron, the soulful Yin to his brother Timothy’s Hip-Hop flavored Yang. The fact that their music is different isn’t lost on the siblings and their success derives from years of hard work. “Trust me; nobody is going to outwork us. We are constantly focused on our work. So when people are in the club partying, we work, when they sleep, we work, when they work, we work. So at the end of the day, we are going to get more work done than anybody,” says Timothy.

In an industry where hard work often goes unnoticed, R. City has decided to take matters into their own hands with the PTFAO campaign. Releasing a slew of free music for their fans, the duo is refusing not to be noticed. The most recent mixtape, Independence Day, showcases the brothers’ flair for combining melodic hooks with high-powered street rhymes. Forcing the industry to take notice, the PTFAO campaign has excited fans and increased the anticipation for their soon to be released debut, Wake The Neighbors.

Clearly masters of lyric, melody, harmony, hooks, and performance, Wake The Neighbors is an incredible blend of hip-hop, R&B and Caribbean soul. R. City is a musical movement and Wake The Neighbors is a perfect blend of all the right elements, “It’s hard to explain our music because what we are doing is something that is rarely done.”

Twitter: @WeAreRockCity