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International Insanity Mixtape

“International Insanity” is Project TBL’s first Mixtape. Hosted by DJ Benny-D. and presented by TBL-ENT and Hi-Jack The Track.

Project TBL can be described as a super group with no boundaries. Their music has no limits so their sound is truly unique. The four members are:

C.I.U – New York US Flag On Twitter: @Basketball_MoJo & @ciu_tbl
Tre-Doh “That’s Me” – Liberia Liberia Flag On Twitter: @tredohthatsme
Nikki Da Jukebox – New Jersey US Flag On Twitter: @daJukeBox
Phoenix “The Fire Starter” – Jamaica Jamaica Flag

Each artist has their own distinctive style and sound but when they come together on a track they connect like dots and the finished product is truly amazing. With half of the group being from the US and the other members from Jamaica and Africa their goal to make music the world can enjoy is easily accomplished. They just don’t make songs they create masterpieces that tell stories and bring life experiences to a whole new level. Their music inspires and never expires, they are timeless.

This is a list of the Songs on the Mixtape:

01 Benny-D. – Intro 10 Can I Touch – Tre-Doh “That’s Me”
02 World Tour 11 TBL Forever – Nikki Da Jukebox (freestyle)
03 Point Blank – C.I.U & Tre-Doh (freestyle) 12 Don’t Disrespect
04 Album Of The Year 13 Just Say The Word
05 Who Is This Hot? 14 What Your Interest Are
06 Take It – C.I.U & Tre-Doh (freestyle) 15 What’s Going On In The World?
07 Headed To The Studio 16 Mach Speed – C.I.U (freestyle)
08 One Long Day – C.I.U 17 All About The Shotta Dem – Benny-D.
09 Let My Arm Go! – Phoenix “The Firestarter” 18 Point Blank – C.I.U & Tre-Doh ft Benny-D.
Listen to All 18 Tracks Below:
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DOWNLOAD A FREE ZIP FILE COPY OF “International Insanity Mixtape – Hosted by Benny-D. and presented by TBL-ENT & Hi-Jack The Track” Includes: All 18 tracks, Mixtape Covers & 2 Benny-D. Wallpapers. By: Simply Right Clicking on the Download Icon Below & Click “Save Target or Link As”.
International Insanity Mixtape
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