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Past 2010 Tour Dates

Below is some of Benny-D. / Konvict Muzik

2010 Past Tour Dates

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Date Event Location  
Jan 4 2010 - Benny-D. Perform “All About The Shotta Dem” at Mariachi, in Atlanta. (More Details) Atlanta
Jan 20 2010 (Concert Performance at Figaly Convention Center) Panama City, Panama. (More Details) Panama
Jan 23 2010 (Salvador Festival / Festival de Verão Salvador 2010 Concert Performance) Salvador, Brazil. (More Details) Brazil
Jan 26 2010 (Via Funchal Concert Performance) Sao Paulo, Brazil. (More Details) Brazil
Jan 28 2010 (Vivo Rio Concert Performance) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (More Details) Brazil
Jan 29 2010 (Concert Performance) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Brazil
Jan 30 2010 (Concert Performance) Búzios, Brazil Brazil
Feb 6 2010 (Concert Performance for the President of Kazakhstan’s daughter) London, England London
Feb 19 2010 (Concert Performance) Cairo, Egypt Egypt
Feb 25 2010 (Benny-D. Headline DJ for the Blazers vs Bulls Pre-Game Party at Martini Club, Hosted By Martell Webster) Chicago, Illinois. (More Details) Chicago
Feb 27 2010 (Concert Performance) South, France France
Mar 5 2010 (Concert Performance) New Delhi, India India
Mar 6 2010 (Universal Studios Concert) Orlando, Florida Florida
Mar 8 2010 (Concert Performance) New Delhi, India India
Mar 9 2010 (Concert Performance) Mumbai, India India
Mar 10 2010 (Benny-D. Concert at “Escobar” Nightclub) Mumbai, India India
Mar 10 2010 (Benny-D. Concert at “Hype” Nightclub) Mumbai, India India
Mar 11 2010 (Akon & Benny-D. Concert at IPL Cricket Opener with India’s Biggest Bollywood SuperStar (Actor/Singer/TV Host/Billionaire) Shahrukh Khan. One of the World’s Biggest Movie Star) Mumbai, India India
Mar 12 2010 Travel to Cancun, Mexico Mexico
Mar 12 2010 (Concert Performance) Cancun, Mexico Mexico
Mar 13 2010 (Concert Performance) Cancun, Mexico Mexico
Mar 14 2010 (Relaxing & Shopping at Benetton) Cancun, Mexico Mexico
Mar 15 2010 (Concert Performance) Cancun, Mexico Mexico
Mar 16 2010 (Concert Performance at “The City” club) Cancun, Mexico Mexico
Mar 17 2010 Travel Home to Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta
Mar 19 2010 (Concert Performance at Polo Grounds Field) West Palm Beach, FL Florida
Mar 25 2010 Travel to Durban, South Africa South Africa
Mar 28 2010 (Concert Performance) Durban, South Africa South Africa
Apr 4 2010 (Benny-D. Concert Performance at Baines Douches) Montreal, Canada (More Details) Canada
Apr 11 2010 Travel to Australia (More Details) Australia
Apr 13 2010 (Concert at Memorial Drive: Akon & Benny-D., Pitbull, Eve, Sean Paul, Kelly Rowland and Jay Sean) Adelaide, Australia Australia
Apr 14 2010 (Concert at Rod Laver Arena: Akon & Benny-D., Pitbull, Eve, Sean Paul, Kelly Rowland and Jay Sean) Melbourne, Australia Australia
Apr 15 2010 (Concert at Acer Arena: Akon & Benny-D., Pitbull, Eve, Sean Paul, Kelly Rowland and Jay Sean) Sydney, Australia Australia
Apr 16 2010 (Benny-Demus & Akon Birthday) Brisbane, Australia Australia
Apr 17 2010 (Concert at Brisbane Entertainment Center: Akon & Benny-D., Pitbull, Eve, Sean Paul, Kelly Rowland and Jay Sean) Brisbane, Australia Australia
Apr 18 2010 (Concert at ME Back Stadium: Akon & Benny-D., Pitbull, Eve, Sean Paul, Kelly Rowland and Jay Sean) Perth, Australia Australia
Apr 26 2010 Freetown, Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Apr 27 2010 Freetown, Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Apr 30 2010 (Concert Performance – Shaeffer Eye Center–Beams Crawfish Boil) Birmingham, AL Alabama
May 1 2010 (Concert Performance – Davidson College–Belk Arena) Davidson, NC. Hit Recording Artists: Iyaz & Shwayze is also on the bill. North Carolina
May 14 2010 (KHTS Radio show) San Diego, CA California
May 15 2010 (KIIS Radio show) LA, CA Los Angeles
May 20 2010 (Concert Performance) Baku, Azerbaijani Azerbaijani
May 21 2010 (Concert Performance) Istanbul, Turkey Turkey
May 22 2010 Travel to London, England England
May 22 2010 Travel Home to Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta
June 4 2010 Travel to South Africa South Africa
June 5 2010 (Concert Performance) Durban, South Africa South Africa
June 12 2010 (Benny-D. Perform at “UPTOWN SPORTS BAR N GRILL” Day Party) Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta
June 18 2010 (Benny-D. Perform at Soggy Dollar Bar) Sint Maarten / Saint-Martin (More Details) Sint Maarten / Saint-Martin
June 25 2010 (Michael Jackson Tribute Concert CANCELLED) Rome, Italy Italy
June 27 2010 (Eve & Benny-D. Concert Performance) Paris, France (More Details) Paris
July 2 2010 (Eve, Benny-D. & Wyclef Concert Performance) Capri, Italy Italy
July 17 2010 (Eve & Benny-D. Concert Performance) San Diego, California San Diego
July 24 2010 (Eve & Benny-D. Concert Performance) Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas
July 25 2010 (Concert Performance) Budapest, Hungary Hungary
Aug 4 2010 Travel to Amman, Jordan Jordan
Aug 5 2010 (Concert Performance) Amman, Jordan Jordan
Aug 7 2010 (Concert Performance) Beruit, Lebanon Lebanon
Aug 8 2010 Travel Home Atlanta
Aug 12 2010 (Concert Performance) Canary Islands Canary Islands
Aug 14 2010 (Concert Performance) Malta Malta
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